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about me!

first let me apologize u
i dont know know how to make my pix smaller in future i will make it smaller.
i was born in 17th of mehr according to solar calender.(1355)
my uncle gave my name (in arabic it means appreciated)
i spent my elementry classes in downtown of tehran in a school which was called mofateh.
juniour high school the same close to our house.
high schol was spent in rahnama
it was great time .
then i passed in azad university (food science
in 1999 i was passed and accepted in of this major.
all in all i am satisfied with my life.

About the Family Roots

my dad (aziz) for the first time saw my mom by an intermidiate in hairdresser.
my dia is turk and also my mom(masomeh) is turk.
they get married in 1975.


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